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It is also how, for many years, COSATU has reproduced leadership.

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This difference, in which typically the urethra doesn’t extend all the way to the tip of the penis, is called hypospadias and is found in about 1 in 250 boys.

When combined with either an undersized penis or undescended testicles it can alert doctors to a range of intersex conditions.

“I don’t want more children growing up the way I did – hiding it,” he says.

The ramifications of Anick’s story are wider and more fundamental than first appears.

They begin to unpick long-held assumptions about sex and gender, and raise troubling questions for the medical profession. In October, the Care Quality Commission – the independent healthcare regulator – demanded answers from Britain’s most celebrated children’s hospital, Great Ormond Street, after a BBC investigation accused the hospital of “not meeting care standards for intersex children”.

Is it really biology that governs whether a baby (or indeed an adult) is deemed male or female, or is it society? There was, according to the broadcaster, no psychological help for intersex patients, a lack of discussion with the children before life-changing procedures were performed, and a lack of information for parents to be able to give informed consent to operations. But before discussing the wider picture for intersex children, he begins to describe what happened to him as he was growing up.

This quandary rang out from headlines a few years ago when the International Association of Athletics Federations decided to investigate Caster Semenya, the Olympic champion middle-distance runner, to ascertain if she is female.

In other words, a person’s body, either internally or externally, can be completely at odds with their chromosomes, with, for example, ovaries within otherwise male bodies, or internal testes in otherwise female bodies.Many have differences in levels of sex hormone production.When doctors spotted the way Anick’s penis differed from other baby boys – “I guess it looked like a vagina, as well,” he says – they ordered a DNA test to see what his chromosomes were. The conclusion therefore appeared simple – he was a boy and would be raised as one.Very few others in Britain have ever spoken publicly about it.He hopes that finally people will begin to discuss a basic fact of life: that a lot of people’s bodies are not entirely male or female.Surgery would then follow to construct female genitalia.