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Mary, 31, a frequent speed dater in Hong Kong, has never had a boyfriend, after spending five years being repeatedly disappointed as she searched for her Mr Right.

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58 At the age of 16, Jenny had had difficulty managing her weight since entering puberty at an early age.She also had visited her primary care physician for dizziness, feeling shaky, and irregular menses.

Colonial rule began in the mid 1800s and divided the land inhabited by ethnic Somalis into several territories."The first night he was in, one of my doormen came to tell me John Cusack was here," says owner Matt Eisler.I couldn't ever imagine him making a decision that wasn't entirely his own.The Ogaden, controlled by the British after World War II, was designated as part of Ethiopia in a U.Twice, in 1964 and again in 1977, military conflict arose between the two countries over control of the Ogaden, resulting in many lost lives on both sides.In the 1480s, artist/inventor Leonardo Da Vinci studied mechanical flight.