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Who is vicki from real housewives of orange county dating

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During his time on the RHOC, Brooks attempted to convince Vicki and her co-stars that he was suffering from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma by producing medical documents from the City of Hope Medical Center.

However, the hospital later confirmed that he was never treated as a patient and he ultimately chose to admit to his on-screen lies.“Vicki reached out and sent her congrats, but she will always hate him and he knows this.

Similarly, Emily thought she and Tamra were friends, and had idea (yeah right!

) about Tamra’s years of fighting with Gretchen then found herself in the middle of an epic feud without even so much as a Bravo paycheck, so now she too has trust issues. This Emily seems a wily one …Anyway, now Emily is in therapy to resolve toxic relationships and the first person she thought to call, naturally, was Tamra. Tamra and Emily hug, the universal housewife symbol for ‘I pretend to forgive but will never forget should the need for drama and storyline arise,’ and Emily is hired to plan Tamra’s housewarming party. Who does Tamra fancy herself to be – Heather Dubrow?!

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But she just thinks he is a total joke and she cannot wait until his new wife finds out what a crook he is,” a source close to the reality star told Radar Online on March 27.

While Vicki says she hasn't spoken to him in two years, she does have a few questions for him should their paths ever cross.

"We had a good thing going or so I thought, but why? I've never been able to get the answer from him." Even with those questions unanswered, Vicki has this message for those who wondered what her ex was like and perhaps why she stood by his side through the good and the bad. "I don't know why [Brooks] did what he did, but he wasn't a monster.

Poor Jolie covers her face and cringes (mirroring the rest of us) and even Vicki warns Kelly that Jolie is too young to be hearing this Golden Girls girl talk!

Then Kelly announces that she, Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon should do a ropes course together to rebuild trust.