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“Without any warning, it’s kind of depressing,” said Lewis Robinson, who showed up Monday morning to get mail from his post office box. “I have mail probably including checks for my home business in my PO box that I can’t get to which is personally frustrating,” he said.

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United States Postal Service spokesperson David Walton says it’s a business decision. We’re doing it because people are no longer paying their bills with checks in the mail,” Walton says.He says first class mail used to be the primary source of income.Most will also be working fewer hours and taking home less pay.Regarding the future of the processing equipment, as of right now there is no plan for either that equipment or what will happen to the space it’s occupying.

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A majority of the workers will be transferred to different locations and/or work different jobs from what they did in the past.

Postal unions and large mailers have fought against the closures.

USPS closed 141 facilities beginning in 2012 in the first phase of its consolidation plan.

But with so many technological advances, Mc Kinney only questions why his industry is getting left behind.

“When everything is getting faster, why are we getting slower? There are 41 employees affected at the Paducah plant. By April 18, however, most all employees will be reassigned to different positions, locations, or both.