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Stages of a christian dating relationship

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In the design of a relationship that we're carving out here, caring well for one another means we can't place too high a premium on being clear. In fact, many women tell me they deeply appreciate such clarity.Guys, again the brunt of the work falls to you here. Let me also reiterate that, like asking someone to date initially, It's just a marker to say things are going well, and as far as you're concerned, the game is changing.The situation has obviously changed somewhat, but that is still too tempting and too intimate.Pray with the people that are watching over your relationship.Also, do clearly discuss limits on your physical involvement (in other words, reiterate that there will not be one) and put methods of adhering to those limits in place.That said, don't make physical involvement — even a lack thereof — a frequent topic of conversation.

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Tell her that you have loved getting to know her, that you find her a godly woman, that you are interested in pursuing a more serious relationship with her for a finite period of time, basically to see if there are any clear obstacles (in terms of beliefs or affections or goals or personalities) to the two of you getting married. Obviously, as your relationship progresses, the two of you will probably spend more time together than in the early stage, and more of that time will be spent together.Let's look at how this stage might play out by considering some of the same issues we looked at for the early stage.Clarity and intentions should be established when things move from "testing the waters" to "yeah, the water's fine." Don't assume that because you agreed to start dating or courting (presumably with the intention to determine whether marriage was the right thing) you (or your partner) will "just know" when things begin to progress. Maybe, but being deliberate and clear about where the relationship is need not suck all the fun, spontaneity and feeling out of the whole affair.You can share testimonies, talk more deeply about who you are, goals, hopes for your life's ministry (should the Lord tarry and give you many more years).As I've mentioned before, you should also discuss things like important theological issues and where you're comfortable going to church — to make sure the two of you are basically on the same page.Put that person on your list of confidants, but do not make that person your primary emotional outlet.