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The county argues that Sears didn’t object when called these names, and “it is reasonably inferred that he viewed (chocolate thunder) as a badge of honor,” according to 2016 court filings seeking a summary judgment to end the case in its favor.

“Moreover, the situation is muddied by the fact that Sears readily admits calling others, and them calling him, ‘nigga’ at the workplace, which could mean there was pervasive use of such unacceptable terms but the words were not unwelcome within the culture of Sears and his co-workers,” county lawyers wrote.

During that appeal, Sears again raised the issue of discrimination, alleging that the suspension was tougher than what discipline deputies of other races might face. In 2013, Sears claims that another lieutenant, John Kuhn, also made race-based comments over several months.

In one instance, when a black citizen came into the station and was having trouble speaking with a white deputy, Kuhn allegedly said, “Let Sears talk to him.

“(W)e can’t really look at somebody and tell if they’re homosexual, so does that then sort of give us a free pass to degrade and disrespect gay people? To some degree you have to explain to them that they are operating inappropriately, and they can take great offense to that.” Sears was hired by the department as a deputy in 2007 and after a short stint on patrol worked inside the county’s courthouses until 2011.

” Sears asked an attorney for the county during his deposition when the lawyer asked if people could tell he was black by looking at him. Sears contends that another deputy working with him in this period “called him the n-word regularly,” according to court papers.

Sears disputed that “nigga” is the same as the similar racial slur, and said he used it in the context of “my nigga,” street slang for a close friend.

Unidentified co-workers also hung a poster of mug shots of celebrities in a courthouse bathroom, with Sears’ badge number written next to the photos of James Brown and Jesse Jackson, the lawsuit says.

Sears also alleges in court documents that a tolerance for racism was prevalent at the department, evidenced by a deputy using a swastika image as a computer screen saver without consequence and another deputy once using the N-word to describe former President Barack Obama without fellow employees reporting it.

In May 2012, Sears complained to the supervisor, Boyd, about the panda and mug shots as examples of racial harassment.

Shortly after, court documents say, the mug shots were removed.

“I’m really taken back and upset by the line of questioning. (W)hether I’m Pakistani or Hispanic or whatever the question may be, that there’s a question in somebody’s mind certainly does not give them an invitation or a right to .... That’s generally what we do as humans,” Sears told county lawyers. Sears said in a depositions that the deputy used the racial slur “in a relatively freely, unrestricted basis.” Also while Sears worked in the courts, an unidentified co-worker in 2010 hung a plastic toy panda bear by its wrist from a string in a work room frequented by deputies, according to the lawsuit.

use the N-word.” Sears also said in the deposition that he delayed so long in reporting the alleged discrimination because “it’s a very delicate and difficult situation to be in.” But eventually, Sears said he’d had enough, prompting him to report some instances of perceived harassment to a supervisor, Lt. When Sears asked about it, the suit alleges, a co-worker told him it represented Sears, because he was half black and half white.