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If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with.After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied.

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I also knew that killing, stealing, and having sexual interest in relatives was bad.

I saw women who voluntarily numbed themselves with alcohol and other drugs in social settings before letting the direction of the night’s wind determine who they would follow into a private room.

I saw women who, once feeling awkward, sad, or guilty for a sexual encounter they didn’t By attempting to teach men not to rape, what we have actually done is teach women not to care about being raped, not to protect themselves from easily preventable acts, and not to take responsibility for their actions.

I don’t remember if someone specifically taught me these rules, but I also don’t remember being taught that the sun rises and sets once a day, or that I will go splat if I jump off a tall building.

I don’t know of a single man entering adulthood who thought that rape was good and had to be manually taught it was bad in order to stop him from raping, so when journalists and cultural commentators suggest that the best way to defeat rape culture is to teach men not to rape, I couldn’t possibly agree. I saw women wholly unconcerned with their own safety and the character of men they developed intimate relationships with.