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The door suddenly opened of its own accord causing me a moment of panic as the door handle with my key still sticking in the lock moved away from me.

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" "I think you can imagine how that news went over, Ryan." He walked over to the kitchen cabinet and pulled out a frying pan washing some dust out of it into the sink.

We were enjoying the warmth of the day and the beauty of the woods when he pulled me off the trail and started kissing me with hot, deep French kisses.

He whispered in my ear about how he couldn't help himself I looked so gorgeous in my hiking shorts, and he wanted me right there on that hill. In all my life I had never had sex in public, and it seemed so wild and dangerous.

It wouldn't be the first time we didn't get dinner started on time because we were too busy making love.

My back met the wall behind me as Ryan slipped his head down to nibble on my neck and I sighed as the gentle waves of pleasure from his kisses started to work through my body.