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The victim and the scammer create an online relationship.
Clearly, Chelsea Handler is Team Brad in the death of Brangelina.

Intimidating eye black

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Years ago, I noticed an old friend wearing glasses for the first time.

When you see a wearer of glasses walk into a room, superficial judgments begin formulating. Whatever communication takes place is filtered through these impressions. If you believe people with glasses are more intelligent—numerous studies back up that people believe in this stereotype—you may also think that person is more trustworthy.

And the AKC standard takes a strong stand against yellow eyes by making "yellow bird of prey eyes" a disqualification, along with blue eyes.

Dilute puppies, however, may start life off with blue eyes, but that will change over time.

The American Kennel Club standard is even more specific, explaining that dogs with black muzzles (that is, with coats that are black, fawn or red) ideally should have dark-brown eyes, and dogs with gray muzzles (basically, the grays and the dilutes of fawn or red) can have lighter shades.

That applies whether the brindle pattern is present or not.