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Physical acts of aggression by members of an organization, committed in organizational settings are considered as workplace violence.While most researchers examine overall workplace aggression, there is a line of research that separates workplace aggression according to its targets, whether interpersonal or organizational.

Research has found that women are more likely to be absent than men, and that the absence-control policies and culture of an organization will predict absenteeism.

For instance, an employee who is high on trait anger (tendency to experience anger) is more likely to respond to a stressful incident at work (being treated rudely by a supervisor) with CWB.

Some researchers use the CWB term to subsume related constructs that are distinct.

Employee sabotage are behaviors that can "damage or disrupt the organization's production, damaging property, the destruction of relationships, or the harming of employees or customers." Service sabotage originated from counter-productive behavior literature. Harris and Emmanuel Ogbonna from Cardiff University drew from employee deviance and dysfunctional behaviors studies to conceptualize service sabotage as a disturbing phenomenon in the work place.

Service sabotage refer to organizational member behaviors that are intentionally designed negatively to affect service.