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Internet dating in beijing

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While many netizens gave the government a thumbs-up for its high-profile attention to young people, some say the guidelines are depressing.

"Growing up in the traditional Chinese cultural atmosphere, I also think it's right to get married at the proper time to enjoy a happy family life. we may fail to find our Mr Right in time," said 24-year-old Han Yanni, who works for a security company in Beijing.

I should add, however, that this was entirely a one-way street, as Lila’s English was impeccable.

We travelled together throughout China often, and as well as going to the places one might expect, we also went off the beaten track a good deal.

She said she has been pushed by her parents to get married.

The guidelines just bring more pressure and make her think of herself as a loser, she said.

"The work related to young adults' love and marriage not only will affect their healthy development but is also related to social stability and harmony." Vowing to promote trustworthy matchmaking services that will meet the diversified needs of young adults by mobilising non-governmental bodies and social forces, the guidelines also said "there should be more channels for them to voice their needs and comment" on matchmaking services.

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However, most significantly, I got to know Lila’s mother and her extended family.

Lila’s mum lived in a very old flat in a fairly unimpressive part of Beijing and I saw a side to life in China that I suspect many never get to experience.

We had many fascinating conversations about life under Mao and how much things had changed in China – almost without exception, she considered the changes over the last twenty-five years or so to be for the better.

The number of singles in the country remains large, while available online dating platforms come with doubts about authenticity.

"It's a common need of young adults and a big issue in life to fall in love and get married," the guidelines said.