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The content is also provided by third party and Zu Za Zu is not responsible for it.Finally getting into a routine Work pattern on the farm was awesome but the time I was getting to be with Uncle Cal made it all worth it.I drove out the long dusty road that made our driveway, turned onto another dusty dirt road that led to town. I sped back on to the road and traveled on the next two miles at a legal speed. Another 30 miles until town, I turned on the radio. The heat was to extreme already, I knew today was going to be a terrible day. I honked the horn as I drove by the nearest neighbor and the first house on the road. I drove through town, observing whatever may be new. I parked alongside the road as the people unloaded from the bus. Holding a sign I quickly drafted as I ate breakfast, I drew attention to myself.

It was another bad year for crops; the source of our livelihood. I couldnt take care of our animals by myself, sustaining the injury I had sustained days previously.

Our town was so small that if you blinked youd miss it. Thats fine, I just dont like Sir, it makes me feel old.

A few stores dotted Main Street, one bank that handled all our monetary transactions, and two diners both run by local women of the town. I got up earlier than usual, dressed just as I usually did my arm still in a sling. The nearest house was 28 miles away, at the end of the road. The dust behind me was trailing for miles as I looked back in the mirror.

Not trying to creep you out or anything, but the nearest house is about 30 miles from the farm.

Youre lucky then, out here you can run for a good distance without being bothered.