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Erich gonzales and enchong dee dating 2016

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Their friendship started when they worked together in a project back in 2009.Both of them was able to maintain the bond between them throughout the years.

Clever dialogues gone straight to the toilet because the performances were either too slapsticky, or just pure corny. While Erich looked like she was trying hard to be Meg Ryan-ish, Enchong was stiff and bland like a pale wooden puppet.It disgusts me how many of the audiences were laughing at Pokwang at a scene where we see her genuinely crying over something bad (crying while talking on the phone); she may look ugly but it's still a scene with a woman crying over something unpleasant.Janus Del Prado's character was amusing in the sense that he loves to make metaphorical comparisons of just about anything.During that time, when Erich was down because of what happened to their relationship.There was a man who played an important role to help ease the emotional pain she felt. Based on the article published on the Preen section of Inquirer, she said that the actor was beside her during that difficult time in her life.β€œHe was with me during difficult times. Erich and Enchong have been friends for several years now.Enchong and Erich's chemistry seemed better when they were not intentionally acting sweet.