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This new remake got a revamped cast with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Carla Gugino and even the grown-up child stars of the original film, Kim Richards and Ike Eisenmann.Of course, the new film also needed new child stars which they got in the wonderful combination of Anna Sophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig, who portray the alien siblings Sara and Seth.These characters are a bit similar to the original but quite a bit different as well, so can you talk about how you crafted your characters for this?Alexander Ludwig: Well, we had a lot of creative freedom on this project, due to the fact that our characters are, obviously, from a different planet and we really got to explore pretty much any qualities we wanted to incorporate in our characters.I had the chance to speak with Robb and Ludwig over the phone recently about their new film on DVD and BD, and here's what they had to say.So, first of all, I was kind of curious about how you first heard about this role and if you were both familiar with the original two films at all?It was just cool being in the same position that they were in when they were little and it was fun to have them come back and do the cameo appearances.

And a lot of that is in the reel, but they would cut to the most ridiculous things where I just look like an idiot (Laughs). Anna Sophia Robb: Let's see how the DVD does first... Anna Sophia Robb: Alexander is dead in it (Laughs). I think Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery did horribly in theaters but it exploded on DVD and that's what made the sequels go, so we'll see what happens with this.No one really knows what aliens are like, so we had special powers and kind of went from there.Just being able to work with Andy was so much fun, just bouncing ideas off of him and Alexander and I became close, just trying to become brother and sister.They actually sent me the original films and it was just exciting because they're such classic films and it was nice to think that we were going to make the next chapter in the Witch Mountain series.Can you both talk a little bit about how you built your characters?Yeah, because that part was actually in the old town, Stonybrook. Anna Sophia Robb: He is just a ball of energy and creativity.