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Dating show with spinning chairs

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There are four coaches, who are all famous in the music industry.During the blind auditions these coaches will turn around in their chairs when they hear a performer they want in their team.And if that isn’t uncomfortable enough to watch, the next round consists of the guys and their gals asking each other rapid fire questions, which mostly consisted of “What’s your favorite color?

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Howard asked if it's his age or that Brad isn't in shape. Howard asked if he gets hard quick when he masturbates. Howard said they wish George a long life and he's young at heart. George said he did a long time ago but he didn't enjoy it. Howard said they're going to start the big gay birthday party soon. George said Francis asked him for the money and he loaned it to him. George said he heard it from another source a few years ago. He said if there's enough of that in there they give him more money. He said when you're in college everyone goes through that phase. Howard said they said that Christina Applegate was great as a host. He said he can't do it that well because he has a cold today. Howard asked if the key to being a good actor is being a mimic. Howard asked if he goes out of his way to make sure his kids don't worry about him. He said he'd go watch his father work at his recording studio. He said his father had reverence for people when they were behind a microphone.

George picked Sheppard Smith but Howard told him he has to fuck one, marry one and kill one. He said he's been in gay bars but nothing like this. George was laughing and singing ''I'm in Heaven...'' Howard had the guys perform their song. Howard said he wants to understand what they're going to do. He said they stayed friends for a long time after that. He said he had a guy ask him to jerk off in the same room as him but that was it. He said he wanted to rub sticks with him but he didn't do it. He said he'd call his dad like once or twice a year.

Howard gave George an F, Marry Kill with Sheppard Smith, Bill O'Reilly and Neal Cavuto. Howard gave the guys some plugs for the play and asked about how long it is and if they have gay and straight people in it. Howard said they have a birthday wish from Liberace. George said he had the appetizer earlier and now this is the entree? He said he had to threaten him and say if he did it again he was going to break every bone in his body. He said his father had a friend who was very educated and they called him Uncle Dave.

The new reality series that marries NBC’s “The Voice” with a shallow dating show (is there any other kind?

) premieres Thursday (June 7) with Cat Deeley playing host to celebrity daters Pauly D, rapper Romeo, “Days of Our Lives” actor Jason Cook, and Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom.