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She didn’t own contacts, you see, and the frames she wore held nothing but non-prescriptively bent glass. As a glasses wearer of over two decades, this did not sit right with me.
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By 19, she’d fallen into a pattern of only making out with men when she was drunk.

But she was using two canes to walk, and still had to contend with bladder and bowel issues.Because she is missing her leg, she also has only half a bum and half a pelvis, and she was worried that her vagina was disfigured—she’d never compared hers to anyone else’s.Growing up in Brampton, Ont., Dixon’s sex education came entirely from friends (and one incident where, at her mom’s insistence, she and her older brother practiced rolling condoms onto bananas).The challenges of dating with a disability don’t begin and end in the bedroom—they start with education, move to dating and accessible spaces and encompass sexual preferences that may change as your disability does.*** While schools across Canada are still debating what broad information about sex education is appropriate, and when to teach it, specific education about sexual health and disability isn’t even on their radar.“A little bit late to start figuring out how to have an orgasm, but whatever,” she jokes.