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Rather, something has been written; something is being read.

“Beginning is not only a kind of action,” Edward Said writes in , “it is also a frame of mind, a kind of work, an attitude, a consciousness.” I love the frame of mind, the playful work and working playfulness, the form of consciousness—the dreamy attentiveness—that come with the reading of poetry.I am completely taken by the way that Whitman always addresses the reader as an equal, as one who has the same strange throb of life he has, the same pulsing emotions.There’s a desperate American friendliness to the way he repeatedly dedicates his poems to strangers, to readers and poets to come, to outsiders everywhere. I love the deep affection and even need with which Whitman dedicates and sends forth his poems to the individual reader. The message in the bottle is a lyric poem and thus a special kind of communiqué.One notices how naturally he addresses the poem not to the people around him, whom he already knows, but to the “stranger,” to the future reader, to you and me, to each of us who would pause with him in the open air.Let there be an easy flow—an affectionate commerce—between us.Here is one last “Inscription,” the very next poem in .