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Instead of taking the time to treat people like individuals, which is so 2013, these programs streamline the matching process by liking everyone that's around you.

Dating in college tips

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It is going to feel uncomfortable at first, but it gets easier with practice.

Ditch the habit of spending hours attempting to decipher grunts, shrugs, and physical affection.

One of the best parts of attending a new school is the myriad of romantic possibilities.

You're at college with thousands of people your age, and everyone wants to meet and mingle.

Those who prefer a more traditional script need not worry though: There is power in discriminating how you choose to receive romantic attention, and a man is very often guided by those choices.

You might want to spend time with the object of your affection, but see what happens when you refuse to "hang out." There are plenty of men who ask women on dates, so choose to spend your time with these men.

You may not be looking to put a ring on it now, but are you dating someone who eventually does?

Who knows if you and your beau will end up sharing a bank account, but if you do, is he financially responsible?

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Read Full Article →Dating your best friend’s ex can be a complicated thing when you are in college. It’s not as if you can go up to your friend and say “Hey, I’d like to date your ex [...]This is a touchy subject for some, but one that ultimately needs to be addressed. [...]Freshman year is always something that goes hand in hand with words like legendary or epic.

The hookup and hangout pattern was accepted—or tolerated—as the way relationships existed.

But now you are older, wiser, and, let’s face it, pretty sick of following those adolescent dating norms. Back in college, dating was non-existent, and it hasn’t really made much of a comeback in our post-grad days.

Things like chemistry and boyish charm too often took precedence over little things like compatibility.

But now that you are out in the adult world, it’s important to anticipate adult needs.