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See this time as a valuable part of your personal growth.

Yes, it can be painful, but pain has a way of making you wiser and better prepared to not repeat your mistakes, and try on new ways of being and doing. I'm still broken hearted over my ex girlfriend and I know she has moved on.

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For many people, this marks a new and painful phase of a break-up.

Hold on to the perspective that great chemistry is founded on the initial attraction and idealization you have for each other.

When that infatuation phase wears off, that’s when the going gets tough, as in, that’s when you face each other’s imperfections and you must learn how to get along through thick and thin. See her pulling the plug as a gift that makes you available to meet a more suitable mate with whom you can share not just great chemistry, but also a great partnership. Your pain underscores the fact that you are still processing this relationship, the break-up, your emotions, and your options.

And when you reminisce about your great chemistry, it’s natural to feel thrown for a loop when you think about her dating other men.

Here are some tips that may help you gain perspective, break free from intrusive thoughts, and move forward with confidence and gratitude. First and foremost, if you are finding it difficult to function—as in take care of yourself, get stuff done around the house, attend to your friendships, be productive at work, and have fun at play—this is a red flag that indicates you may benefit from seeing a licensed therapist (a doctor can refer you to someone qualified).