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Things like hobbies, interests, and political affiliation are blatantly missing from the list.

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You can archive, delete, snooze and do other things right there in the inbox by simply hovering your mouse pointer over the line.

Google Calendar, Keep and a new to-do list called Tasks can be viewed on the right side of the inbox, if you like.

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Once those are entered, the phishers can capture the information they need to compromise their victim’s Google account.When both sender and recipient use Gmail, the email appears normal.But recipients who do not use Gmail get a link for viewing the email in a browser.Emails containing the link can, in fact, be forwarded, but only the intended recipient can successfully open the link.When someone gets one of these forwarded mails, they’re prompted for their Google login username and password to determine whether or not they’re the intended recipient.Messages marked as Confidential can’t be copied, forwarded, printed or downloaded. The new Gmail will even pre-emptively suggest when you might want to unsubscribe from newsletters or other subscription-based content, based on it’s observations about what you open and what you don’t.