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Fin maintains a list of student loan institutions, including large banks; private companies like Sallie Mae; and state education system lenders like the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority and the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority.

Best rates for consolidating debt

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A personal loan is a good idea when the interest rate is lower than the average interest rate of your debts and the monthly payment is affordable.

For example, if you owe ,00 in credit card debt at 23.99% interest rate, and you qualify for a personal loan at 10%, you will save 99 per year or more than 0 per month in interest by taking out a personal loan.

That leaves them with a single monthly payment – the one that pays off the large sum they acquired.

It’s a methodical and effective way to get out of debt, since you can’t just make minimum payments that don’t put a dent in the total amount owed.

In this case, that’s only 0: still worth filling out the application.

If you are interested in pursuing balance transfer debt consolidation, go online and shop for “low interest credit cards” or “zero percent credit cards.” You don’t need to wait for an offer to show up in your mailbox.

If the payment with a personal loan is higher than you can afford, ask for a longer repayment period to bring it down.

Using credit card balance transfers to consolidate your credit card debt is another way to save money on credit card interest and make progress toward paying down your debt. Take higher interest credit card debt and transfer the balance to a credit card that has a lower interest rate.